We fully understand the rights of our clients/residents to receive visitors however, as the spread of this virus has proven to have a particular negative effect on the frail and elderly, we believe it is necessary to apply restrictions to visiting the Home to ensure the safety and well being of your loved one and of our staff.

We would ask you to contact the Home between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday to arrange these visits.

Please be aware that we cannot facilitate ad hoc / unscheduled visits

We would also ask you to note that, should there be an outbreak in any of our Homes or should there be another wave of this Pandemic, we will revert to closing the Home to visitors and will follow Government guidelines accordingly.

The attached policy details the measures that we believe need to be taken and we would ask you to read them carefully and contact the nurse manager should you have any queries.

You will note from this information that it will be necessary to contact the Home to schedule visits and we would ask you to bear with us whilst we make the necessary arrangements to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure that visits are as safe and as comfortable as each Home can make possible.

Our visiting policy will of course be reviewed as restrictions ease and we receive further guidelines on managing visitors to the Home.

We appreciate your support and understanding through these difficult times.