The excellent care and support at The Wilson Group Nursing Homes is taken as a given but it is nice to receive official recognition.

At the recent Independent Health & Care Providers (IHCP) awards the Wilson Group was nominated for 2 awards. To be nominated they had to provide evidence of having worked outside the scope or standard normally expected in this role

Larne Care Centre was nominated and won The Care Team Award. Just one example of excellence in this area was a client who came is severely immobilized through medical complications. The family were told their relative may never fully recover but with the determination and help of the Larne staff they were able to return home within a year. Family members stated that without the care and attention provided by Larne staff she would never have been able to return home.


 Well done to the Successful Larne Care Centre Nursing home Team



Abingdon Manor Care Centre received the second nomination at the awards was the individual Nursing Award. We were very proud of Brenda Service who came runner up in this category.

Brenda regularly goes out of her way to help clients. She regularly takes them to hospital appointments on her days off. On one occasion she spent her Saturday night at a resident’s hospital bedside until family arrived from far off. Brenda organised for 4 residents to attend a football match at Windsor Park where they sat in the VIP box to watch the match. 

                                   Well done to Brenda being recognized for her outstanding work



Enjoying the success on the night.