Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise that our most valuable asset is our people. We also recognise that through our employees and stakeholders we are part of a wider community, therefore we are committed to continuing to develop our corporate social responsibility. There are many worthwhile charities and organisations in need of support. Each year we support a nominated charity by organising events to raise funds. As a local company providing sustainable employment, the chosen charity is always one that is focused around benefiting local communities.


Charity of the Year for 2015 – Action Mental Health

We have chosen Action Mental Health as Charity of the Year for 2015. On the launch of the partnership Desmond Wilson, Group Managing Director of Wilson Group, said;

This year we have decided to focus our efforts on Action Mental Health. It’s a subject we can very much relate to. We are looking forward to doing lots of different and exciting fundraising activities over the coming months. We hope that the money raised will help make a difference to those affected by mental health challenges.

Action Mental Health aims to provide people with the skills to build a better future, set personal goals, develop coping skills, re-engage with society and become more employable. The money raised will be spent in the local community, directly benefiting those living with mental illnesses and will be used to provide support for people managing long-term conditions, people living with alcohol abuse and other mental health and disability challenges.


Link to Action Mental Health’s website:

Past Events

In 2014 our staff raised funds by organising events to support the work of Stroke Association. Wilson Group has supported many other worthwhile charities over the years including Alzheimer’s Society, Huntingtons, Multiple Sclerosis, Prince’s Trust and Northern Ireland’s Hospice and Children’s Hospice.