C60 Design Presents Changes to the Construction Industry

Architect Alan Ritchie from C60 Design was invited to meet with the management team from Wilson Construction on Monday to give a presentation on two important changes to the Construction Industry namely:

1) The Government requirement for all new homes built from 2016 to be zero carbon.

2) The introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on suitable centrally procured construction projects from 2016.


These are two significant challenges for the Construction Industry that progressive companies are working towards achieving. Commenting on the presentation, Alan Ritchie said,
“Companies need to be innovative when planning for the future so it makes a lot of sense for a Contractor like Wilson Construction to plan for these changes in consultation with other Construction Professionals who are facing similar challenges. As an Architect with a keen interest in passive house design and BIM I was happy to present on these two important issues.”